Monday, January 31, 2011

then and now.

gathering up images for a proposed magazine article on modern office spaces for modern homes.

revisiting the "life" of our modern shed.

working order

man that tree - and that kid of ours - have grown!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

laundry porn

i love the bicycle rack by cantilver and press (here) and had it on my holiday wishlist.  in reality, we don't have a spot to mount bicycles on the wall in this manner, so d surprised me with a riff on it:

a wall mounted iron and ironing board rack for our recently revamped laundry room and my new rowenta iron.  i love it.  seriously, ironing is one of my favourite pastimes.  and my new rowenta. swoon.  and seeing this rack when i open the laundry door.  sigh.

iron and board rack
iron and board rack
iron and board rack

happy new year!  here's to crisply ironed laundry and visiting this space more often in 2011.  xo