Monday, June 27, 2011

design inspiration

@dwell on design.

@dwell on design
heath (these are going to look gorgeous on robyn and joe's house!)

@dwell on design
locally designed moroccan-made cement tiles from Kismet

@dwell on design
poolside inspiration by Form LA

@dwell on design
Charley Harper

@dwell on design
Alexander Girard

@dwell on design
emeco and coke

@dwell on design
chicken tractor by 100xbetter

the battery on my camera died so i didn't any more pictures.... but we did pick up goodies from wallter and fleet objects.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

table makers

The Scout Regalia team of Makoto Mizutani and Benjamin Luddy were at Dwell on Design today! So great to get to meet them in person...

Scout Regalia

:) (I felt like such a design-nerd.)

our other garden

when we are not working on the house we are busy working at the elementary school down the street. our daughters both go there and our community has taken on the task of tearing up as much asphalt as possible, dreaming of a green schoolyard. we are in the middle of a big construction project - including an 8000 sqft edible garden.

"the guys" - neighbors-friends-and-parents - spent yesterday building beautiful 12' x 4' raised beds from 6" x 6" redwood timbers. there will be 20 in all.

school garden

school garden

my friend john lyons - garden designer extraordinaire - has designed the space - and it promises to be stunning.


interested in learning more about greening schoolyards? i will be on the sustainability stage at dwell on design today - along with david king from the venice learning garden; michelle frier of mia lehrer and associates; and alissa walker from GOOD magazine (and of gelatobaby fame!). i am very honored to be part of this great panel. (and excited to check out all the other great things happening at dod!)

come say hi!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the table con't

we contacted scout regalia and learned that they have a table on display at ReForm School in Silverlake, one of my favourite crafty spots. my neighbor and i decided to make a morning of it and visit Potted (for his quest for the perfect patio chair) and ReForm School (for the table).


it was even more beautiful in real life than i imagined. (did not bring the right camera lens to get a good shot - sorry.) really well designed and fabricated. love the detail of enameled aluminum running along the bottom edge of the bench legs. (which you miss in the picture from the last post as it is set in gravel.) really love. sturdy and strong, and i told d i can imagine our grandkids sitting at it. (he thinks i'm crazy - but happy i like the table so much.)

(they have just introduced a white oak version. gorgeous.)

i am sold on the redwood though. perfect for our yard and climate. now to agree on the color for the metal.

excited about the process

Thursday, June 9, 2011

backyard table


In the summer we eat 90% of our meals outdoors and our poor old Ikea table is on its last legs.

Looking at options, I can't stop coming back to this table. It seems to me as much a sculpture as a place to dine. I love that it is fabricated here in L.A. with FSC certified redwood. But it is pricier than almost all the other tables we've looked at.

We talked about going DIY. Then I found this and thought it might work. (However the reviews aren't good - and we need something that will stand up to the heat of the Valley.) A beergarden table seemed a fun option. But are these options for a"forever" table?

We have made a commitment to each other to only purchase things for our home that we will want - and hopefully that will last - forever. I'm done purchasing cheap place holders.

Is this the one?

Better start saving, our old table won't last much longer...