Thursday, February 25, 2010

really before, kind of

i realized after posting about the bathroom earlier today that i didn't really include any before shots. i searched my files (boxes of prints! ahhh film!) and couldn't find anything decent. these are pretty much before. a little demo, wallpaper removed, new window installed - but you get the idea.

and yes. that is carpet.

Roll 172 - 13

Roll 172 - 12


this is how it usually works. (aka the story of our master bathroom.)

i see an idea somewhere. (in this case sunset magazine)

d takes it to the extreme. (in this case tearing the room back to the studs and starting from scratch while the girls and i were out of town.)
blue door

we live in a state of chaos for a while. (in this case not too long - though at the time it made me crazy.)

and somehow, with his own hands he transforms the space into the vision. (in this case - well in all cases - making me very happy.)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


when we purchased the house there was wallpaper. everywhere. mainly this large blue floral (that you see in the last post as well.) actually, in our bedroom, this was covered by a slightly more contemporary paper with a print of bamboo stalks. that come off easily to reveal more large blue flowers. i arranged a group of landscape painting in the same tones (painting by d while in art school)but we are ready for a change!


some friends love this paper. i don't. perhaps because i have to live with it! the flowers don't want to budge. and frankly i am confident the wall they cover is likely cracked enough to eliminate the idea of painting. d is working on plans for a new bed - and i am looking for paper to cover this.

right now i am thinking:

this was my first love. the grasscloth adds a natural element i really like. but worry about keeping it clean with littles who still like to tumble on our bed.
from twenty2

perhaps this:
from MissPrint

or maybe this - if i can find it:
Orla Kiely wallpaper via Anthropology

i want to keep the quilt. our master bathroom is blue and gray. there needs to be a tie-in.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a place to start.

a place to start.
our living room the weekend we moved in. july, 2001. (that bump i'm resting my breakfast on is our first daughter e.)

we closed on the house in june. but d took a month to get things somewhat ready. carpet torn-up. floors refinished. wallpaper stripped. (sort of.) a deep cleaning.

the milo baughman chair came through d's parents. the wardrobe i purchased when we lived in that warehouse in mid-city that didn't have any closets. it's long gone. (thanks craigslist.) d build the table. the chair i am in he found curbside just before we found the house. he thought it was good omen that homeownership was headed our way, and had it reupholstered as a rocker for the nursery.

it was good omen.

same spot this morning.
same spot this morning.