Sunday, September 30, 2012

meet the ladies


you'll remember Chick-a-Dee perhaps.

here she is with her two newest roomates "Miss Cavendish" aka "Candy" and "Miss Rafferty" aka "Taffy". (thank you mr. nash.)

they were two scrubby rescues we took in at the end of the summer. the transition was a little bumpy at the beginning, but quickly smoothed out and now they all get along swimmingly. (and looking quite lovely if I do way so myself.)

and we are back in business!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

cool pool

with this summer's heat we have spent an extraordinary amount of time in our pool. it is the "last great project" of our house (or perhaps tied in this position with our guest bathroom). we have lots of ideas. but limited resources in time and money.

so while we wait for that to change, i'll continue dreaming of eliminating our chlorine system, and doing this:


via Martha Stewart Living

or this:


via apartment therapy

or this:


via archdaily

beautiful natural swimming pools article in this weekend's LA Times Saturday