Thursday, April 30, 2009

Home Sweet Home


Inspired by others - and with a new surge in home-improvement being done in our neighborhood, David and I have decided to spin-off on my "regular" blog and use this space to document the changes we have made, and are making, in turning our Palmer & Krisel designed Alexander house, into our home. Along with posting projects as we work on them, I hope that this can be a resource point for other Alexander home-owners. (Eichler Network / CA Modern is already filling much of this need - along with Lotta Living's bulletin board - but I am thinking of something more SFV centric here!) We will also dig back through jumillastories to look at projects past...

Here are our Jumilla Productions!



  1. i'm going to enjoy keeping up with this one.

  2. fantastic tracy! my woodland hills friend was visiting today and we are trying to figure out how close you are to her so we can all get together!

  3. that's great news. I love your plantings, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog

  4. your slats look great! what kind of wood did you use?

  5. I am so negligent here! Thanks all for stopping by. I promise to try and spend more time here soon. We used redwood. Fist phase we finished it with a marine-grade varnish, but it hasn't stood up well to the elements, so we have switched to an oil based stain, and it seems the way to go.

  6. Hi

    I am intrigued by the name of this blog. Why Jumilla Productions? We live in a small town in Spain called Jumilla, but so far I cannot see a connection. If you ever decide to visit Spain, I hope you come and visit our town! Follow the link to find out more about Jumilla in España. I'd love to hear your comments too.