Thursday, February 25, 2010


this is how it usually works. (aka the story of our master bathroom.)

i see an idea somewhere. (in this case sunset magazine)

d takes it to the extreme. (in this case tearing the room back to the studs and starting from scratch while the girls and i were out of town.)
blue door

we live in a state of chaos for a while. (in this case not too long - though at the time it made me crazy.)

and somehow, with his own hands he transforms the space into the vision. (in this case - well in all cases - making me very happy.)


  1. wow, if only my boy could take this kind of initiative. looks amazing!

  2. I would have mistaken that Sunset photo for your bathroom!

  3. great man, that d! and amy's right, he nailed it! we used to have carpet in our kitchen. no bueno.

    and the wallpaper... oh my. it makes such a statement. i love how the paintings look on top of it. but a change will be nice. so much more calm and clean. a fresh start. good luck finding the new paper!