Wednesday, May 19, 2010

pup bowls

we adopted a new puppy - Moxie. and with that the search is on for accessories in keeping with our home decor. I saw some great looking plastic bowls - but have been trying to reduce the amount of plastic we bring into our home - and a nice ceramic one - but worried about breakage. The stainless steel ones seemed the best bet - but how to make them fit into our kitchen decor?

trust David.

dog bowls

he cut two circles out of a piece of cherry and finished it to match our cork floor and cabinets. perfect. (And utilitarian too. they don't tip over.  and it is easy to pop out the bowls and stick them in the dishwasher at the end of the day.)

just for moxie


  1. ohhhhh. moxie looks adorable. can we see more of him? sleek bowl solution too.

  2. Please post more pictures of that puppy! Look at his cute little butt. I want to squeeze him.

    Sorry. I'm in super puppy mode right now. The bowls are cute too.

  3. can I order a block in large please? LOVE it! LOVE it! Ah, that David.

  4. thanks rebecca. you have been in my thoughts! :)

    molly & morgan - he is she. and yes cute. butt-squeezingly so. more pics to come :) (and many more on flickr!)

    ang - i am sure we can work something out ;)

  5. Um it seemed to be written in the receipt for dog toys that day Mr D went to go get chew toys for the wee little doggie when it was only on a foster visit.

  6. you guys are amazing. wish i had the gene / bug /whatever for home decor.