Sunday, March 13, 2011

we live here.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles

we've been looking for quite some time for a work to hang in the kitchen. i had originally planned to enlarge a photograph - but this is a very sunny corner - and the cost of an enlargement coupled with the inevitable fading that would take place, put that idea to rest. when i saw this poster (also available as a screenprint) i knew we had found a perfect fit. (and the price couldn't be beat!) d put together a frame, and we sprung for UV plexi. we will see how it lasts.

the girls love finding home on it. i love that it includes all these neighborhoods that i have recently discovered (after living here 12 years!).

ork posters has a whole series around this concept. fun stuff.

my plan to paint the kitchen myself has also been waylaid. april.

hanging this on our puttied and unpainted wall might be putting the cart before the horse, but we couldn't resist.

Los Angeles


  1. Tracy this is so kool
    I am having so much going through this.
    your old neighbor!

  2. I just love this poster! I have a connection with Brooklyn so I'm ordering that one! thanks for the hint :)

  3. Thanks Rhonda :)

    and Nell for visiting! All their prints & posters are so very good!