Thursday, April 7, 2011

gone to pot

true to my promise to myself to jazz up our plant life i have made a few trips to potted. convenient: as we are also doing a school re-greening project only a couple of blocks away. inspiring: potted has a wonderful collection of pots, plant material, garden accessories, and installation ideas. and there is a great indian restaurant next door. (which included a moby siting.) win. win. win.

i've picked up two beautiful pots - and my dream birdbath - which k has further jazzed with the addition of a porcelain pigeon i thought i had hidden away. anyway, speaking of pigeons...


i love this pot. and finally ordered it. so much loveliness at pigeon toe ceramics.

so funny to learn that my dear friend received the same pot at almost the same time. this staghorn fern would be oh so much happier hanging out in portland rather than here. to up the humidity ante, it is currently living in our shower. rain in the forecast will hopefully allow it a foray outside over the weekend. and i think eventually - a move north is in its future. i will work to keep it alive until then.

a succulent would - and will - be a much better way to go. (i am working on two macrame hangers for potted succulents. i'm on a bit of a macrame kick. ambitious plans. i will share soon.)

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