Monday, September 26, 2011

made in L.A.

image via LA Times

Love this time lapse video of the move of the Eames' living room from their Pacific Palisades home (cum historic landmark) to LACMA as part of the exhibition California Design, 1930-1965: Living In a Modern Way, which is part of the larger Getty initiated exhibition Pacific Standard Time. (The Times did a great series on the Eames House and move over the weekend. Swoon.)

D could tell you a lot more (he's been installing work at the Getty), but as I get it, Pacific Standard Time chronicles the history of art and design in L.A. from 1945-1980. Venues throughout SoCal are participating. (We already took in the Beatrice Wood exhibition at SMMOA - so good.) The Getty will have two of my favourite pictures on display: David Hockney's A Bigger Splash, and Ed Ruscha's Standard Station as part of their exhibition Crosscurrents. (I'm told side by side even!)

The A&D is also going to have an Eames exhibition: Eames : The Guest-Host Relationship

So much good stuff to see this fall!

As I've said before, the Eames House holds my ideal aesthetic.

The most beautiful homes I've been in are those that tell stories.

{p.s. Do you know the book The House of Life? It is such a beautiful chronicle of such stories. A beloved gift from someone who lived with many stories.}

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