Saturday, November 26, 2011

getting busy.

while d is busy finishing the fence and other woodworking home improvements (baseboards!) i decided to paint. our front hallway is in dire need of it and i'll continue the project down the central hallway.


the girls helped empty the bookcases, wash the walls then lost interest.

(oh the books! they ended up taking a pile of them and curling up for the rest of the morning.)


i've finished spackling the first go-around and taped everything off.


tomorrow - the primer and hopefully a first coat of paint!

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  1. Good on ya! Hard to bite the bullet on some of this stuff but it feels soooo good to get it done. The Boy and I are about to start working on my basement in prep for his move in, slated for Spring if we get our skates on! Daunting task but will feel so good to get rolling... xoj