Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ich liebe dich*

my dear friend c has nominated this blog for a Liebster Award (thanks c!) i have known c for more years then i can count on fingers and toes. she is my rock. her blog inspires me to think carefully about the way we live, and more often than not teaches me something new. you can visit her here at retrench: poor cate's guide to frugal living.


jan and i have known each other a very long time... she has a cute house in north vancouver she is working on, always guides me towards what i should be listening to. and her cats crack me up. (i love you jan!)


rebecca is a long-time blogging friend. our time together stays in my mind and i know we will meet again someday soon. she is a talented artist, resourceful,and lives in beautiful corvallis OR with her beautiful family.

chasing bluebirds

leslie lives "just down the road" from me in long beach in an amazing mcm cliff may. with two beautiful daughters. they have a great cabin in the woods. and they travel. a lot. what's not to love?!

petite gourmand

this blog brings back many TO memories. she is a photo stylist with a great eye. i always enjoy her take on mommyhood and hearing where she has been for dinner :)


kristina's blog is one of the first i ever followed. it has been exciting to watch her art evolve, and her kids grow up.

that's my 5. but i'm adding a 6th and wishful thinking...

sprawl: life in the san fernando valley

i realize that this blog might be defunct - but i am hoping to inspire my neighbors to resurrect it. i love what they have put up so far. and keep checking my feed for new inspiration from their garden/kitchen/bar...

*the only german i know btw. i learned it in a bar in dusseldorf in high school ;)


  1. awe shucks...thanks so much.
    I honestly thought no one even read my blog anymore.

    will definitely have to review a few new good restaurants soon and step it up a bit.

    hope you are having a fun summer as well.
    Love the new doors btw

  2. Gee thanks T!! You're too kind (love you too by the way, old friend)
    Will put my mind to some of the smaller blogs I follow - a few faves have stopped posting unfortunately...but your sites always inspire!