Tuesday, May 17, 2011

kitchen chairs

there was a loud bang this morning around 530. it was d sitting down in the kitchen and his chair collapsing. our cheap ikea chairs came to us via our neighbors and we knew they wouldn't last too long. so now we are on the hunt for something new.

this morning

for now we have the remaining ikea model - and my beloved eames molded plastic side-chair has moved from the bedroom to the kitchen.

so what should we hunt for to replace...

i was thinking perhaps of two more eames but with wooden dowel legs.

or a search for a series 7.

i had an opportunity to scoop up a couple of breuer cesca chairs. no arms. they would have been perfect. i passed. (oh for better foresight!) but they don't seem hard to find second hand - so this might be the ticket. perfect mix of chrome and natural materials.
I'd go for a natural finish.



  1. i love that corner. we have jacobsen chairs at our table and love them, but my vote would be the breuer chairs. i wonder how the cane holds up to a lot of use though?

  2. thanks steph. i wondered the same. but i know someone who had them for years. with a kid. and they were in pretty good condition. you can buy replacements as well. still hunting :)