Thursday, June 9, 2011

backyard table


In the summer we eat 90% of our meals outdoors and our poor old Ikea table is on its last legs.

Looking at options, I can't stop coming back to this table. It seems to me as much a sculpture as a place to dine. I love that it is fabricated here in L.A. with FSC certified redwood. But it is pricier than almost all the other tables we've looked at.

We talked about going DIY. Then I found this and thought it might work. (However the reviews aren't good - and we need something that will stand up to the heat of the Valley.) A beergarden table seemed a fun option. But are these options for a"forever" table?

We have made a commitment to each other to only purchase things for our home that we will want - and hopefully that will last - forever. I'm done purchasing cheap place holders.

Is this the one?

Better start saving, our old table won't last much longer...

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