Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the table con't

we contacted scout regalia and learned that they have a table on display at ReForm School in Silverlake, one of my favourite crafty spots. my neighbor and i decided to make a morning of it and visit Potted (for his quest for the perfect patio chair) and ReForm School (for the table).


it was even more beautiful in real life than i imagined. (did not bring the right camera lens to get a good shot - sorry.) really well designed and fabricated. love the detail of enameled aluminum running along the bottom edge of the bench legs. (which you miss in the picture from the last post as it is set in gravel.) really love. sturdy and strong, and i told d i can imagine our grandkids sitting at it. (he thinks i'm crazy - but happy i like the table so much.)

(they have just introduced a white oak version. gorgeous.)

i am sold on the redwood though. perfect for our yard and climate. now to agree on the color for the metal.

excited about the process


  1. That really is a great table. Did you sit in one of those egg chairs? Are they comfortable, or just pretty? I am in the same situation as you with our front-yard chairs -- I want them to last forever. So I keep sitting in the junky plastic extra-guest chairs my mom gave me years ago, waiting to be able to afford the perfect chairs!

  2. Thanks! That's it exactly! Holding out for perfect ;)

    I did sit in one of the egg chairs and thought it was quite comfortable. My friend, Dean, who I was with is tall (6'2) and looooved it. Interestingly the salesperson was a little shorter (I'm 5'9") - and told us she found it uncomfortable. Guess its one of those things you need to try on :)