Sunday, June 26, 2011

our other garden

when we are not working on the house we are busy working at the elementary school down the street. our daughters both go there and our community has taken on the task of tearing up as much asphalt as possible, dreaming of a green schoolyard. we are in the middle of a big construction project - including an 8000 sqft edible garden.

"the guys" - neighbors-friends-and-parents - spent yesterday building beautiful 12' x 4' raised beds from 6" x 6" redwood timbers. there will be 20 in all.

school garden

school garden

my friend john lyons - garden designer extraordinaire - has designed the space - and it promises to be stunning.


interested in learning more about greening schoolyards? i will be on the sustainability stage at dwell on design today - along with david king from the venice learning garden; michelle frier of mia lehrer and associates; and alissa walker from GOOD magazine (and of gelatobaby fame!). i am very honored to be part of this great panel. (and excited to check out all the other great things happening at dod!)

come say hi!

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  1. As I was reading your post, I was just thinking to myself that since you already have your subscription, wouldn't it be great if you give the extra copies away.